Our yards aren’t what they used to be. They have become so much more with outdoor living areas, custom pools, fire pits, and year round gardens.

Homeowners today are spending a lot more time outdoors and extending their living areas outside. Along with that comes a greater desire and need to plant more than just your traditional grass.

In July of 2015 Houzz conducted a landscaping and garden trends study. They found homeowners who are choosing to upgrade their outdoor space are predominately using it for relaxing, gardening, entertaining and family time.

Earthworks Landscaping

So what are the most valued aspects of outdoor design and outdoor function?

  • 67% of homeowners who are upgrading their yards are focused on outdoor living
  • 60% are looking for something stylish and beautiful
  • When it comes to outdoor function 71% want something that is easy to maintain
  • 67% want it to be easy to entertain others in

Many homeowners are looking to create their own personal outdoor retreat that is low maintenance.

Earthworks Landscaping

When it comes to taking on a new Charlotte outdoor landscaping project, whether it is a custom pool or outdoor kitchen, almost all homeowners (96%) are choosing to make updates at the same time to landscaping features. Beds/Borders is the number one project to go along with their outdoor projects.

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To read the complete Houzz Landscaping and Garden Study click here.

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