At Earthworks, we understand that everyone has their own vision of the perfect home environment. Our experienced team is dedicated to making your dreams a reality. Whether you are looking for a full-scale landscaping project or just a few finishing touches, we are here to make it happen. Simply let us know your ideas and we will use our expertise to make them come to life. We take pride in helping you achieve the outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming of.


EarthWorks Landscape Design is specialized in customizing planting designs and carrying out installation work for trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals, as well as offering landscaping lighting packages. By properly designing your landscape, you can considerably improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.


The beauty of hardscapes lies in the marriage of function and design; with walkways and patios enhancing any outdoor space, creating cohesion between disparate parts of a yard. To ensure longevity and structural integrity, EarthWorks uses only ICPI Certified methods; all projects come with a guarantee of enduring quality.

Outdoor Living

EarthWorks can craft your backyard into a comfortable and luxurious outdoor living and kitchen space. Our expert stonemasons utilize the highest quality, carefully selected stones and tiles for every project. Let us turn your dreams into reality and make your outdoor living area unique to you.


We offer a unique solution to keep your pool area looking great without the hassle of regular maintenance. Our astroturf is the perfect solution to keeping your pool area looking lush and vibrant, with the added benefit of easy maintenance. Not only is our astroturf durable and realistic, but it is also cost-effective and designed to last. With astroturf, you can have a pool area that looks as beautiful as real grass, but without the hassle of mowing, watering, or weeding. Our astroturf solution is the perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of style and beauty to their pool area.

Water Features

Water features create an elegant and dramatic landscape or outdoor living area. Incorporating foliage, stone, and the calming effects of water can transform a backyard into a tranquil refuge or be used as an attractive focal point. Our custom-made water features are designed with our client's preferences in mind and tailored to seamlessly integrate into the outdoor environment. Visit our portfolio of water feature designs and installations to get some ideas.

Accent/Landscaping Lighting

Accent/Landscaping Lighting is an effective and beautiful way to bring life to your pool area. EarthWorks is here to provide our customers with the perfect accent lighting that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. With Accent/Landscaping Lighting, your pool area can be illuminated in the most unique way possible. Whether you are looking for a subtle glow to enhance the night, or an all-encompassing poolscape that you can show off to friends and family, we have the perfect solution for you. Let our pool landscaping company make your pool area stand out with Accent/Landscaping Lighting.

Swimming Pools

EarthWork’s sister company, Artisan Pools, can customize a swimming pool to fit in with the rest of your outdoor living spaces. Our award winning pool design team will craft your dream pool and oversee the project from start to finish. No need for multiple contractors, EarthWorks and Artisan do it all.

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